What’s it like to drink at an Ice Bar?

Ice Bar

After nine months in Australia, we headed to New Zealand where our adventures on our Kiwi Experience bus included glowworm caves, geysers, hiking across Mordor, horse-riding in Hobbit land, partying at the Poo Pub, heli-hiking a glacier, climbing a mountain, jumping off a canyon and snowboarding.

Whilst in Queenstown we decided to check out the -5˚ Ice Bar, which was actually -8.5˚c on the night we went!

DSC04311 DSC04303

It was a wicked experience – literally so cool. We were given fur(-ish) jackets and gloves before entering and the cocktails were served in ice glasses so slippery you needed two hands to hold them!

The sculptures were amazing and beautifully lit up, giving us some great opportunities to pose with them for photographs. Jodes summed the experience up best as ‘Chilly Fun’.


JPOur thirty minutes flew by and we headed to FergBaker (next to FergBurger) to warm up with an excellent venison pie!

Next Time: Is Milford Sound really the eighth Wonder of the World?


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