About Me


Welcome to my collection of  travel and motorsport blogs and videos.

I’m JP, I’m 28, I’ve travelled to 29 countries, five continents and 28 Grands Prix. I’m also passionate about making videos.

Amazing Travel Stories

I met my girlfriend at Summer Camp in America in 2011 and roadtripped across the western USA with her. We then moved to Edinburgh where I graduated in Astrophysics, before uprooting again to London where I worked at the 2012 Olympics.

After that we took a gap year that included nine months exploring and orange picking in Australia, three weeks in New Zealand and six weeks travelling through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam before rocking up in Singapore for the Grand Prix.

We then spent a year in Glasgow where I worked on the Commonwealth Games and did some awesome road tripping around Scotland. During this time I visited Greece, Turkey and Italy.

My job at the Rugby World Cup saw us move back to London, when we visited New York and Iceland at Christmas.

That year I went to Barcelona and the Spanish Grand Prix, Portugal, France and the British Grand Prix.

The next adventure was in Rio, Brazil working on the 2016 Summer Olympics and exploring South America. I went to Chile, Argentina, many places in Brazil, the Mexican Grand Prix and the Brazilian Grand Prix in São Paulo.

I’m now living in Dubai – since I moved here I’ve been to my first Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Budapest and Amsterdam (and got married!)

A Passion for Motorsport

I was born on the day of the Monaco Grand Prix and grew up watching motorsport religiously. Aged six I was best in my class at geography because I could name all the countries that hosted a Grand Prix and I went to my first Grand Prix aged three!

I’ve been to Le Mans, the Monaco Grand Prix, the European Grand Prix, the Australian Grand Prix, the Singapore Grand Prix, the Italian Grand Prix, the Spanish Grand Prix, the Mexican Grand Prix, the Brazilian Grand Prix and no less than 19 British Grands Prix.

Can I Help You?

I’ve written for a whole bunch of blogs, websites and newspapers worldwide including The Cairns Sun and Oz Racing Wrap in Australia, The Student in the UK and the F1 Destinations website.

If you’re looking for some awesome travel or motorsport writing for your website, blog or publication, pop me an email at jp@whaddupjp.comJP. Same goes for any queries or comments – I’d love to hear from you!


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Jon, thank you for stopping by Packing my Suitcase!! Im happy to have found you, because now I see that you are a F1 fan as me… lucky you to have been to soooo many Grand Prix, certainly my dream 😀 I have been to 4 in 4 different countries… next year there will be more!!! Lets keep in touch 😀

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