My 10 Year ‘Week by Week’ Diary

Since the start of 2006 I’ve challenged myself once a week to sum up the previous seven days in a few short words. It’s a strange and very personal little tradition I’ve kept up for no particular reason but the result is a list of bullet-headlines that allows me to scan over a large period of time and summarise what happened when at a glance. You can see them all in detail in the post I wrote a year ago.

Some of them I can’t even remember the meaning of now, but most are familiar landmarks in my last nine years. It helps me put things in perspective, and each year I paint a nice background to make them more visually pleasing.

2015 marks the tenth year of me doing this. I’ve painted a nice wintry scene this year (for the record the 2013 Koh Phi Phi one is my personal fave, and I like to think they tend to get better as time has passed).

Click on the pic below to zoom in on what I’ve been up to all this time. The week by weeks span a period where I’ve left school, completed University and travelled to 16 countries.

A decade of my life in one picture

A decade of my life in one picture

Do you have a ‘diary’ like this? Or any other cute little traditions? Feel free to leave a comment below.JP logo


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