10 things that only happen in Cambodia

  1. SummerTuk-tuk drivers everywhere asking you ‘where you go?’
  2. Klang, Cambodia or Angkor beer – all similar, Klang a bit more cheap and cheerful
  3. The friendliest people
  4. Cute children trying to sell you things or beg for food
  5. In rural areas, all the houses raised on sticks above the wet season flooding
  6. Oxen everywhere being lead by humans
  7. Buddhist temples everywhere
  8. Removing shoes to enter buildings
  9. Cows intestines, eel and inside stuffs (direct quote) on the menus
  10. Tuk tuk drives so desperate for people they don’t always get paid – In Siem Reap we took a tuk tuk from the bus station and the driver wanted us to use him for the Temples the next day because that’s how he made his money, persuading people like us to re-use him.JP

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