VIDEO OF THE WEEK 02 Feb ’14: Te Puia and Lake Taupo

Imagine a body of water big enough to fit Singapore in with space around the edges, flanked by the mountains that doubled as Mordor in Lord of the Rings. That’s Lake Taupo, the bluer-than-blue centrepiece of New Zealand’s North Island. The region is also home to plenty of geysers and the National Arts and Crafts Institute, where you’ll find some of the most creative artists in the world. These guys are serious; they only take in three new students a year. Throw in Huka Falls, the most photographed natural spot in the country and you’ve got a pretty sweet video…

Following on from my videos of Auckland and Cathedral Cove, Geysers and Mudpools and Rotorua, here’s some stunning footage of geothermal activity in Te Puia. New Zealand’s North Island is also home to natural beauty spots Lake Taupo and Huka Falls, both of which can be seen here.

Lake Taupo & Te Puia from Jon Parker on Vimeo.



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