Moving to Brazil – 30 second video + photos

In November 2015 I moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s been a wonderful, exhilarating first couple of months and I’ve tried to capture some of the Carioca joie de vivre in this short video and pictures below.

My first impression getting off the plane was that Brazil reminded me of Cambodia – humid, low hanging clouds, hilly jungle surroundings and kids walking down the middle of the freeway selling things. From salgados (best pastries ever), samba, havaianas, caipirinhas (lethal), caipivodkas (also lethal), chopps (cute lil beers), kilo restaurants (pay as you go mealtime), coconuts and sunbathing on Ipanema beach, to getting the cable car up Sugarloaf and running round Lagoa (where I now live) under the watchful gaze of Cristo, via New Year at Copacabana and buying a surfboard and surfing at Arpoador, this truly is an incredible city.

Rio, Brazil Rio, Brazil Rio, Brazil Rio, Brazil Rio, BrazilRio, Brazil


2 thoughts on “Moving to Brazil – 30 second video + photos

  1. SUCH a fabulous video Jon! I really enjoyed the few days I had in Rio in 2014 but New Years time there looks totally electric, the fireworks are fabulous! Hope you’re settling in well and having an awesome time 🙂

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