New Year’s Resolutions Update

New Year's Resolutions Update

I paint a picture to stick my resolutions to each year, then stick it on the wall to remind me of my goals

This isn’t so much of an update as it is a very late first instalment. Nonetheless, I have finally got around to writing about my aims for 2015. After our ’12 things for 2012′, ’13 things for 2013′ and ‘14 things for 2014‘, my girlfriend and I took on 15 challenges – five each and five to achieve together. My resolutions and our joint ones are listed below – let’s see how I get on!

My New Year’s Resolutions

1. Get to Level 20 in Duolingo Portuguese (currently at level 11).

2. Run 10k – I’ve never got into running but always liked the idea. I surprised myself by achieving this in the first month. My plan now is to do it again, but a lot quicker.

3. Edit this novel.

4. Cook 12 new dishes – so far I’ve made cheesecake and meatloaf.

5. Record 12 new podcasts – on track so far thanks to my Songs of 2014 pod, plus two more coming as part of a Comic Relief Radiothon where I recorded a wicked 90 minute new music show.

Our New Year’s Resolutions

1. Visit 3 European Cities – we have recently booked flights to Lisbon in June and the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona in May!

2. Visit a new country – Portugal will be this year’s newbie!

3. Go on a fun date once a month – so far we have hit up the cinema in January and an American diner in February

4. Stay in a ‘Canopy & Stars’ accommodation – their places are quirky and fun

5. Go surfing – hopefully in Portugal!JP logo


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