13 things that only happen in Vietnam

  1. 13 THINGSTHAT ONLY HAPPEN INVIETNAMTwo random men trying to massage you while you wait for your dinner at restaurant
  2. Women try to sell you books and DVDs while you wait for food at restaurant from a massive tall stack they carry with them on a motorbike
  3. Crazy market people touching you asking what you’re looking for. Hands from all directions grabbing you.
  4. More motorbikes than you’ve seen in your life
  5. Insane traffic that makes no sense at junctions
  6. No tuk tuks or remarks like Thailand or Cambodia, but bikes offering you lifts
  7. Cyclos
  8. Haggling in markets really works
  9. Walking into middle of the road to get across and feeling genuinely in danger
  10. Ice cream bikes, not ice cream vans, that play a tune
  11. Bikes selling stuff that have loudspeakers jabbering in Vietnamese
  12. Saigon beer – the best South-East Asian beer I’ve tried
  13. Pho – a kind of noodle soupJP

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