5 Reasons to Fly with Iceland Air

5 reasons to fly with Iceland AirThe week before Christmas I flew from London to NYC and back with Iceland Air, stopping in Keflavik on the way. Here’s why I’ll be flying with them again.


5 Reasons to Fly with Iceland Air

1. Iceland is the perfect stopover location if you’re flying between Europe and America. And the perfect route to see the Northern Lights from a plane, as I did when flying over Canada. In fact, they were even more spectacular from the air – the thrill of gazing out the window mindlessly and suddenly recognising the Aurora Borealis is second to none.

2. You can have up to seven days of layover free if you fly with Iceland Air. If like me you choose to stay in Iceland en route to America or Europe, there’s tons to do. In just 24 hours, I went on a Northern Lights boat tour, explored Reykjavik and swam in the awesome Blue Lagoon.

3. As an airline, they are super helpful. Foolishly I left a bag on the plane but even though it was Christmas they were great at getting it back to me. Brilliant customer service.

4. There’s something a little bit unusual about Iceland, its people and its airline. Iceland Air like to celebrate the uniqueness of its home country with quirky national facts displayed on each headrest. They also have some key phrases translated to English for you so you know some Icelandic before you arrive. How cool is that?

5. If you’re flying at Christmas expect to hear lots about the mythical Yule Lads, 13 elves who climb down from the mountains day by day to play pranks and bring treats for children. Yuletide flyers can expect to receive a treat from Sausage Swiper, Window Peeper, Ladle Licker et al.

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