So what’s Whaddup JP all about?

Hello there!

Whaddup JP

Well done for clickety-clicking your way over to . A fine choice of click. As you’re probably aware, this site is kinda new so allow me to explain what you can expect from it.

First and foremost, this is a travel and motorsport blog. I’ve done a fair bit of travelling (see my Aussie and USA blogs) and have more planned for 2014. I’m also a motorsport nut with 22 Grands Prix and a ton of other race visits under my belt.

On top of this, I’m mad passionate about making videos, particularly those of the travel and motorsport type. You’ll see a whole dozy of those kicking about and all.

What’s on the agenda for 2014?

Well, I’m currently living in Glasgow, Scotland working at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and I’m making a fair effort to get out to some of the stunning scenery in this part of the world. Loch Lomond, the majestic Highlands and several islands are all practically on my doorstep. So expect some Scottish-themed blogs and vids coming soon.

But as well as that, I’m dying to tell you about my New Zealand and Asia trips. I spent last August and September travelling all over New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam before rocking up in Singapore for the Grand Prix. Trust me, I have a lot of cool stuff and crazy stories to share.

If you’re not laughing with me when you read them, there are times when you’ll certainly be laughing at me.

I already have several sneak preview videos from my recent travels – check out highlights from New Zealand, Thailand, South East Asia, the Singapore Grand Prix, geysers and whirlpools, and the best of 2013 edit.

So lots to look forward to. Oh, and last week I spontaneously booked flights to Greece for April. Just because, well, y’know, why not? I’m hoping to catch a thunderstorm over there so I can say I’ve witnessed Greece lightening. (You can expect the odd terrible pun on here, too).

That’s all for now, I think. Ever wanna know what I’ve been up to? Just ask:




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