How to see NYC & Iceland in four days – budgets, plans and more

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Just before Christmas, I embarked on an epic adventure across the Atlantic via two very different places: the land of fire and ice, and the city that never sleeps…

Speaking of never sleeping, Iceland in December enjoys a meagre three hours of daylight so the locals have to find ways to keep themselves busy under cover of darkness. That was our challenge when we touched down in Reykjavik after a delayed three hour flight from Gatwick. From the huge snowdrifts that greeted us out of the gloom, to the awe-inspiring shimmer of the Northern Lights we saw from our freezing boat trip, and the sensual assault of swimming the geothermal heated Blue Lagoon during a blizzard, Iceland gave me memories that will last a lifetime in just 24 hours.

Iceland spending for two

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

(in Icelandic Króna – approx. £1 = 200 króna at time of writing):

780 coffee

300 soft drink

15135 hostel

3180 dinner at burger joint

350 soft drink

1800 drinks

700 soft drink

12700 lunch at Blue Lagoon restaurant Lava

€6 (approx. 928 króna) luggage storage

700 shot glass souvenir!

6173 presents

ICELAND SUB-TOTAL: 42,646 króna (approx. £216 or £108 each)

Next up we flew to New York for a thrilling three days, featuring a trip up the Rockefeller Tower, an NFL game at Meadowlands and some serious Christmas shopping!

NYC spending for two

Empire State Building from our hotel rooftop

Empire State Building from our hotel rooftop

(in US$ – approx. £1 = 1.50 USD at time of writing)

28 meal on plane (we flew with Iceland Airways)

17 subway tickets

168.24 Presents

21 Train tickets to Meadowlands

30 nachos/beer

7 drink

66 Hard Rock Cafe

4.35 shot glass

Meadowlands Stadium, New Jersey

Meadowlands Stadium, New Jersey

45 burritos at Lucy’s on Penn Plaza

4 drink

50 dinner

6.95 cheesecake

283.30 Hollister & American eagle goodies!

12 hot dogs & drinks

40 airport meal

17.01 magazines etc

15 subway tickets

NYC SUB-TOTAL: 814.85 USD (approx. £525 or £262.50 each)

Payments made in advance

FLIGHTS (for two): £1,186.58

Top of the Rock tickets: £19 each

NFL Jets tickets: £91.77

NYC Hotel Metro: £419.11

US Visas: £19


Total for 4 days in NYC & Iceland

£2,495.46 or £1,247.73 each


2 thoughts on “How to see NYC & Iceland in four days – budgets, plans and more

  1. Hope you had an amazing time! So fantastic that you got to see the Northern lights with such a brief time there! Must have been an awesome trip. I absolutely love NYC – one of my favourite trips in the world – I always find that it’s the tips in the US that absolutely kill the budget and they’re quite hard to plan for in advance! Happy New Year!

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